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Best Buy Window Treatment LLC is a name you can trust as a window blinds company in the Cape Coral community. We've worked hard to establish ourselves as the local resource to rely on for high-quality window treatment options, but it's a job we're passionate about. Helping customers achieve their goals when it comes to putting the final details on their dream homes is what it's all about.

Aluminum blinds

Aluminum Blinds

As a premier choice for options as a local window blinds company, we want you to review all of your options. Aluminum blinds are often a popular choice for those working with a tighter budget. However, cost-effectiveness isn't the only advantage of aluminum blinds.

In recent years, this type of window blinds has become more fashionable and, as a result, more popular. The color range alone is astounding and covers everything from practical neutrals to fun, trendy hues. While not the most durable window covering, aluminum has improved over the years and could be the ideal fit for one room or all of your windows.

Composite blinds

Composite Blinds

There are many exciting choices when you partner with us for Cape Coral window blinds, including composite blinds. The materials are made from a high-tech polymer that provides benefits like UV protection and moisture resistance. It means composite blinds will work in spaces that wood or fabric isn't suitable for, like a humid bathroom or kitchen.

Composites are also a highly sought-after window dressing option for homeowners looking for something that's energy-efficient but also durable. Plus, our blinds are always available in an array of looks and colors, so let's arrange for a consultation time to let you review your choices.

Fabric blinds

Fabric Blinds

We suggest fabric blinds for customers who like the softness of curtains but the versatility of window blinds. You get everything you love about traditional blinds, such as optimal light control and privacy settings, without the standard look of window blinds.

Because you're choosing fabric, you also have the option for room darkening or blackout blinds. Any type of fabric window treatment will require more care as far as cleaning, but it's worth it for the delicate aesthetic.

Fabric blinds are considered fashionable and functional, and that makes them more versatile. You can pair them with curtains for an added layer of softness, and we can discuss your options during your consultation.

Faux wood blinds

Faux Wood Blinds

As a preferred local window blinds company, we've had the honor of outfitting countless homes in the area with faux wood blinds - yet you may never know it. That's because our premium faux blinds look as good as real wood.

So why even choose fake wood if natural wood blinds are an option? For one thing, faux wood blinds are more affordable, which helps stretch your window treatment budget.

Homeowners also prefer composite because it holds up well to moisture, unlike natural wood that warps and rots over time. If you want the look of wood without the cost or hassle, our faux wood window blinds are your perfect fit.

Horizontal blinds

Horizontal Blinds

In keeping with tradition, there's nothing quite as classic for window treatments as horizontal blinds. They fit any sized window and provide maximum light control and privacy - rivaled only by shutters in this department.

Classic window blinds are suitable in functional spaces like an office building or can be dressed up for a more attractive interior design setting. They're the right cost with minimal maintenance requirements and can work nicely for every room in your home.

For windows that are small to medium, horizontal is the perfect pick. If we fit larger windows or glass doors, we may suggest opting for vertical.

Motorized blinds

Motorized Blinds

For many households, the real value of motorized blinds comes from the advanced safety feature - no dangling cords. This makes our motorized window treatments popular for homes with small children or pets because they eliminate unnecessary health and safety hazards.

Of course, many of our customers prefer motorized blinds because of their convenience. It's too common to stop using their blinds because it's too big a daily chore to bother with. But everything changes once you're able to adjust your blinds with the touch of a button or using voice command through Alexa.

Homeowners who actively use their window blinds lower their energy costs, reduce UV damage to furnishings, and have more privacy. Ask us more about how motorized blinds can improve your home as well as your lifestyle.

Vertical blinds

Vertical Blinds

Options for window blinds go beyond colors and materials. You may also want to consider horizontal blinds, especially for more significant surface area coverage like sliding glass doors.

Although traditional horizontal blinds are ideal for smaller windows, larger glass areas require alternative measures. Vertical blinds still provide privacy and light control but are easier to slide open for an unobstructed view.

We'll meet with you to assess your unique situation and help you determine what's best for your windows. We can easily include both horizontal and vertical blinds to complete your interior design aesthetic.

Wood blinds

Wood Blinds

The epitome of classic beauty is indisputably the wood blind. For those homeowners with a distinctive taste and a precise budget, natural wood blinds are the obvious choice.

No two wood slats are alike, making every set of wood blinds one-of-a-kind. Although they're at a higher price point, the Return on Investment (ROI) is higher - wood blinds will increase your property value.

Although not suitable for rooms with amp conditions like the bathroom, real wood is the perfect look for your entire home. For the best quality products and superior service in Cape Coral, call us to be your window blinds company.

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