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Curtains And Drapes To Fit Any Taste

Best Buy Window Treatment LLC is the obvious answer for residents of Cape Coral looking for curtains and drapes. We provide the best in window blinds and more, including soft lines for window treatments. Our goal is to help you put the final touches on your windows to make your house feel like your home sweet home.

Whether you want a subdued backdrop or a vibrant accent, your curtains and drapes can accomplish either. You have a little more freedom creating a personalized look with so many fabrics, patterns, and colors to choose from.

You also have the option of layering window treatments, so your curtains cover blinds or shades. We look forward to helping you make meaningful choices about your window coverings.



Bring a splash of life to a quiet room with fun and colorful window curtains. Available in a vast selection of colors, patterns, and prints, window curtains are the simple solution for almost every room of your house. Window curtains are a fantastic and exciting way to perfectly express your individual style and make a lasting personal statement in your home.

Decorative drapery hardware

Decorative Drapery Hardware

Curtains are only part of the equation when it comes to designing your window dressings. The details are what make your curtains and drapes really pop.

The hardware is as personal a selection as the curtains themselves. You can make choices about rods, hooks, tassels, cleats, and finials that will create a stunning look you'll love for years to come.



When you want all of your options for window blinds for Cape Coral window treatments, make sure you also consider drapes. Whether paired together or installing solo, drapes can be as formal or casual as you'd like.

While once used to finish off a more sophisticated aesthetic, there are plenty of looks now that create a more laid-back look while keeping a touch of refinement. You're going to be amazed at the selection we have for you to pick from to style your windows.

Motorized drapes

Motorized Drapes

Why settle for standard curtains, drapes, or window coverings when you could have motorized drapes? With the touch of a button or app on your phone, you can control your drapes.

You can even use SmartHome technology to set up voice activation and control your drapes through voice commands with AI like Alexa. It's convenient, quiet, and as user-friendly as it gets.



In most instances, valances are used to dress up window treatments, like blinds or shades. However, the right style of valance can act as a standalone window dressing.

If you prefer an unobstructed view with just a touch of window dressing to improve the interior aesthetics, valances could be the right fit for you. To discuss curtains and all of your options for window coverings, call Best Buy Window Treatment LLC in Cape Coral right away.

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