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Why Homeowners Can't Live Without Motorized Blinds

The goal of creating a home is to make your space beautiful, cozy, comfortable - and convenient. It's not enough anymore to just have good quality window blinds; it's time to start thinking about making the transition to motorized blinds.

It's a common reaction to question if the added expense is worth the upgrade. Since we work in the industry, we don't want to come across as biased. Let's just tell you a little about some of the advantages of motorized blinds and let you decide for yourself.

Why homeowners can't live without motorized blinds

Benefits Of Motorized Blinds You Shouldn't Deprive Yourself Of

You're excited to add new window treatments to your home. It's a project that can take your new house and make it feel more like a home. Or, it can transform your older home into a more modern-looking space.

Either way, you also dread the cast. Any home improvement project costs money, and the goal is to keep the expense as minimal as possible. However, springing for the extra to upgrade to motorized blinds isn't a luxury; it's a benefit you'll reap plenty of rewards from:

  • Safety - If you have pets or younger children in your household, you need to eliminate all possible safety threats. The dangling cords for window blinds can lead to injury or even fatality.
  • Energy-Efficiency - Using your blinds helps you warm the space with natural light or keep it cooler during peak times of thermal heat during the day. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to neglect the need to adjust their blinds during the day or can't because they're not home to do it. Motorized blinds make it easy to change them any time, from anywhere, optimizing the energy efficiency perks.
  • Security - It's vital to be able to deter criminal activity by not having a predictable schedule. Your home is more likely to be targeted if you have an obvious routine that leaves the home vacant most of the day or if it's apparent that you're on vacation. Being able to control your blinds throughout the day gives the appearance of someone being home, which drastically decreases your chances of burglary or vandalism.

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